The Wilderness of Grief: Finding Your Way

Based on the author’s previous guides to grief therapy, this audiobook takes an inspirational approach to the material, presenting the idea of wilderness as a sustained metaphor for griefwhere the death of a loved one is likened to the experience of being wrenched from normal life and dropped down in the middle of nowhere. Feeling lost and afraid in this uncharted territory, people are initially overwhelmed, the book explains, but they begin to make their way through the new landscape by searching for trail markersor touchstonesuntil they emerge as intrepid travelers climbing up out of despair. The touchstones for each step are described in short chapters such as Embrace the Uniqueness of Your Loss,” Recognize You Are Not Crazy,” and Appreciate Your Transformation.”

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Book Title: The Wilderness of Grief: Finding Your Way

Book Author: Ph.D. Wolfelt, Alan D.

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ISBN: 1879651556